Only time will tell just how much the pandemic affected how we do everyday business on a long-term basis. If the last three years have proven anything, it is that firms need to have access to efficient and adaptable technology that is robust and can provide the services and products needed to deliver an exceptional client experience.   

In the early days of the pandemic, the financial industry was challenged by the work-from-home movement that created an  urgent need for the right technology and a clearing partner that was already equipped to handle the intricacies of the market landscape in a cloud-based world. Enter Axos Clearing.

“For the last 20 years, Axos Clearing has provided products and services that empower independent broker-dealers to achieve their business goals,” says Michael Scaplen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Relationship Management. “Our experienced team customizes solutions to fit our clients’ unique needs, helping them scale, increase operational efficiencies, and manage costs so they can grow their businesses. 

The challenges of the pandemic enabled Axos Clearing to deliver the right support when broker-dealers needed it the most.

“Through our open-architecture technology platform, we offer robust trading and investing capabilities,” says Scaplen. “Our technology combines analytics from leading data providers, sophisticated order execution features, and post-trade processing applications. We are committed to always searching for new ways to strengthen our trading technology. Our front and back-office systems are built to support high trading volumes in a real-time processing environment and to interface with multiple trading platforms and market data providers. How our technology was designed in its ability to be customized and accessible proved to be invaluable throughout the pandemic and even now as we return to our new normal way of working.” 

New Era of Work

Some experts believe that in a decade, remote work will simply be known as “work.” Time will tell if that scenario plays out.

What is not up for debate, however, is that how and where individuals are working is changing, and the financial advisory and broker-dealer businesses need to evolve with the times. Today’s broker-dealers face many challenges: rising costs, lower margins, a rapidly changing regulatory environment, and an industry-wide consolidation leading to increased competition for registered representatives. To remain competitive, it’s essential to align with a partner who is focused on your success and can provide the solutions and technology to help your business thrive.