Cash Management

The Axos Clearing Cash Plus Account (ACCPA) comes with a host of features, enabling consolidation of investment and banking activity into one account. Axos Clearing offers an FDIC insured account cash sweep capability for customers with asset protection up to $2.5 million.

In addition, the ACCPA offers the convenience of banking services including checking, a Visa® Platinum ATM/Debit card with extensive Visa-provided protection and privileges, direct deposit and ACH (electronic funds transfer) capabilities. All investment activity and banking transactions are conveniently displayed on brokerage account statements.

Connect With Axos Clearing

At Axos Clearing we are focused on creating business partnerships that empower the success of the firms we serve. By providing flexible brokerage and clearing platforms and strategic services, our correspondents can focus on growing their business.

Let’s connect to see if our clearing solutions are right for your firm.


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