Value Added Services

Axos Clearing offers numerous value-added services including:

Compliance Tools

Axos Clearing makes available to you the McDonald Information Services (MIS) system for your due diligence requirements. You will be set up for screening for OFAC, MIS, and CIP on all new accounts.

MIS offers a searchable database that compiles negative information gathered from all over the world assisting with correspondents efforts to comply with OFAC, AML and CIP related requirements. MIS provides users with a current comparison of all data in the negative database upon initial inquiry, and provides perpetual monitoring against any new information that is added to the negative database (which MIS expands nearly every day).


Axos Clearing partners with Argus Research Company. Information can be reviewed with a subscription in daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly publications to help identify actionable ideas, economic trends and assist in developing stronger portfolios.

A monthly “Best Stock Ideas” call presented by Argus is available for our correspondents to dial in and listen to the current recommendations and background on a few selected stocks.


Axos Clearing utilizes the DTCC Insurance Services platform to link annuity contracts. As participants in this service, Axos Clearing has access to a broad range of annuity families and active carriers. For eligible linked contracts our correspondents gain access to information directly on their workstation.

Wrap Account

Axos Clearing’s wrap platform provides the convenience of fee-based account billing, automating the process of calculating managed account fees by specified parameters set at the account level. Features of the Wrap billing system include:

  • Client invoices
  • Debit Advices
  • Automatic fee posting to client accounts
  • Separation of manager, rep, and house fees
  • Automatic or manual fee approval process
  • Sleeve level billing
  • Sleeve level performance reporting

The Axos Clearing wrap platform can also be used to establish asset allocation models to balance positions held in client wrap accounts. Features of our allocation and rebalancing software include:

  • Variable rebalancing parameters
  • Display summaries for all managed account models
  • Automatic trade suggestion as defined by allocation parameters
Performance Reporting Tools

Axos Clearing enables its correspondents to enhance their workflow, manage client portfolios and communicate client investment performance with reporting solutions through a partnership with SS&C Advent, which offers Black Diamond. Black Diamond provides a cloud-based portfolio management platform offering aggregation, customizable reporting and rebalancing, all combined with outsourced daily reconciliation.

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