In this episode, Michael Scaplen, Head of Business Development at Axos Clearing, hosts an exclusive Axos Clearing “AxKicker Podcast” for the Power Your Advice series. Michael is joined by Chris Versace, the Chief Investment Officer and Thematic Strategist at Tematica Research: the lead Portfolio Manager for the Action Alerts Plus newsletter. 

Michael and Chris dive into the current state of the market, the effects of inflation and other factors on it, and how Axos Financial and Tematica Research are prepared for the short-term and long-term impacts.

They also discussed:

  • The possibility of one more quarter-point coming on 
  • If inflation will continue to rise and the sequential impacts that might follow
  • The concern of the retail community over-leveraging themselves in this inflation environment
  • The near future of brick-and-mortar establishments and commercial real estate as a whole
  • The future of online banking technologies and how Axos Financial is at the forefront of the movement
  • The AI-driven impacts on the stock market
  • Thematic versus sector investing

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