Michael Scaplen is the senior vice president of sales and relationship management at Axos Clearing, a company that prides itself on delivering flexible solutions backed by innovative technology, experienced industry professionals and access to leading bank products. 

In today’s episode, Doug and Michael talk about technology and innovation – how clearing houses in general should be thinking about them and how technology can enhance what a clearing firm can offer to broker-dealers. 

They also discussed:

  • What innovation means for a clearing house
  • Why the Axos Clearing API Store is the foundation of their innovation
  • How Axos is thinking about cryptocurrency
  • Why the speed at which clearing moves has intensified over the past five years
  • What Axos’ S-Block product is and why it is important
  • Why a holistic digital offering – a clearing ecosystem – is the holy grail of clearing
  • What Axos Clearing is working to build that is unique for correspondents
  • How correspondents can tell if their providers are innovating or staying stagnant

Originally recorded and hosted by Advisorpedia

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