By  Michael P. Scaplen


Advances in technology, going as far back as the development of the telegraph and the first transatlantic wires, which opened global markets, have driven change in the financial services industry. 

In addition, rapidly evolving technology, consumer demand, regulatory updates, and mergers and acquisitions are also driving change in our industry. Perhaps even more important are the opportunities and risks created by this change and how your firm responds. 

With the right tools and partners, your firm can overcome the risks and take advantage of the opportunities. Over the years, our industry has learned to be nimble and adapt quickly. This has never been more important than now. Investing in technology is one of the most important ways to equip your firm for changing demands and expectations. Working with supportive partners can help you deliver the services and products your clients expect and need. Our industry may be in flux, but these changes present opportunities to thrive.

Axos Clearing LLC’s newest white paper, “An Industry in Flux” discusses the challenges IBDs and RIAs are facing today, as well as what you need to make sure you are equipped to navigate our unpredictable and constantly evolving industry.