There are more than 30,000 SEC and State-registered investment advisors (RIAs) in the United States. While the populations they serve are diverse, advisors across the industry have noticed a similar shift in what clients need and expect from RIAs. More so than in the past, many clients are interested in working with advisors that can provide comprehensive financial experiences. 

Axos Clearing LLC has a new eBook that looks at three trends that are driving advisors to expand their firm’s services. It also examines how RIAs who want to move in the direction of becoming holistic advisors can do so more easily with help from a supportive custodian. 

Trend 1: Commoditized Investment Advice 

Commoditized investment advice is driving many RIAs to branch out. Working with a custodian that offers access to integrated banking services enables advisors to become more attractive to clients by providing value beyond investment advice. 

Trend 2: Evolving Retirement Planning 

Retirement planning is a top priority for clients, and the process has become more complex. Advisors today need to not only oversee clients’ wealth, but they also increasingly need to be involved in complete financial lifestyle planning. Partnering with a custodian that provides flexible solutions and support makes it possible to offer the all-around financial assistance clients need to achieve their retirement goals.

Trend 3: Wealth Transfer From Baby Boomers 

As the baby boomer population continues to age, RIAs will see more wealth transfer from clients to their children. To retain clients as wealth moves from baby boomers to other family members, RIAs need to focus on building strong client relationships. Working with a relationship-oriented custodian helps make that easier. 

Solution: Finding Support to Become a Holistic Advisor 

RIAs have many custody options available to them today. But not all custodians are the same. Axos Clearing is uniquely positioned to help support advisors wanting to move in a more holistic direction.